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As a locally owned and operated New Zealand company, Christchurch Carpet Cleaning uses the latest Hot Water Extraction technology to not only remove those stubborn stains, clean, and maintain the life and appearance of your precious carpet and upholstery, but to also keep your home healthy and happy.

Our expert team are available for both those larger commercial projects and also for residential work.

If what you are looking for is friendly, affordable service, with the job 'done right' then contact Dave and the team today!


Our Service Benefits



Carpet and upholstery tend to trap a variety of dust particles and contaminants found in the home. These airborne particles have been linked to nose, sinus, and breathing problems. If these contaminants are not removed, they can cause numerous health problems, especially in young children. While regular vacuuming is vital, accumulated dust, dirt, and grime can only be removed through professional cleaning.



Professional Hot Water Extraction cleaning by Christchurch Carpet Cleaning can help prevent many serious problems. Among these  is reducing or eliminating dust build-up. Carpets are also at high risk for developing mould - especially in areas with high humidity levels. Moisture such as rain and condensation can get driven deep into carpet fibres causing mould to grow. Routine carpet cleaning can help prevent this growth of mould.



Trapping a variety of contaminants carpets and upholstery also tend to trap odours. This is especially true when homeowners have pets. Pet urine and faeces can be some of the most difficult smells to remove from fibres. Christchurch Carpet Cleaning utilises specialised treatments and Hot Water Extraction to remove some of the toughest odours.



While vacuuming and spot cleaning play a very important part in maintaining your carpet’s appearance, the most effective way to ensure your carpet keeps an attractive appearance is by having the carpets professionally cleaned using Hot Water Extraction every 6-18 months.


Extends Life of Carpet

Expert carpet cleaners provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned. Regular cleanings will ensure that your carpet is looking its best year round. Because Christchurch Carpet Cleaning are trained professionals you can rest assured that we are using tools and products that won’t harm or damage your carpets.


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I was really impressed with the job you did on our carpets Dave. They feel new again! You are professional, proficient and a pleasure to deal with. I’ll be recommending your service to all my friends. Thanks again!

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